Additional Services
Knife Sheaths
Most knives come with a specific sheath.  the price of the knife includes the assigned sheath.  Some plain and some tooled.   If for some reason you would prefer a different sheath, I will do my best to accommodate you.   Most sheaths are exchangeable without charge, however if you are wanting a tooled sheath or special design sheath, there will be an additional cost.    I can dye your sheath a different color also for a small additional fee.

Some of my folding & fixed knife sheaths are custom made by another artist and I have to charge extra for those.

On occasion, I have custom made sheaths with other exotic materials; deer skin frindged sheaths,  special tooled sheaths,  stingray sheaths,  snake skin sheaths.  There is an extra charge for these.
Knife Repair
I warranty my work to be free of quality defects, and my knives to be in perfect working condition at the time of delivery.  Because I use natural materials, as I removes material and do the final finishing, I often find small voids or changes in coloring that were not present before I permanetly attached the handle.  I consider this to be natures added  character.  As this is natures work, and I do not consider it a flaw or defect.   If you find these natures character marks not acceptable, I am happy to exchange or refund your purchase.  My objective is to have only happy customers.   

If for some reason you damage your knife, I will do my best to repair the damage.  If your knife is not repairable, I will offer a discount on a new knife.

Depending on the damage, and the time necessary to make the repair, there may be additional charges.